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    AMD Catalyst 15.7 Driver is now available!


      Hello everyone,


      Click here to download the driver.


      Highlights of the Driver:


      Windows 10 Technical Preview Support:

      • This driver provides full WDDM 2.0 support for Windows 10 and DirectX 12 on all Graphics Core Next (GCN) supported products -AMD Radeon HD 7000 and newer graphics products. Official driver support for AMD products will be available when Microsoft launches Windows 10 on July 29th, 2015.
      • NOTE: To ensure stability, users should upgrade to the latest available Windows 10 Technical Preview build provided by Microsoft before installing AMD Catalyst 15.7.


      Virtual Super Resolution (VSR):

      • VSR provides image quality enhancements to games and Windows desktop users by rendering images at a higher resolution and then down-scaling the same.


      Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC):

      • FRTC allows the user to set a maximum frame rate when playing an application in full screen exclusive mode. This feature provides the following benefits:
        • Reduced GPU power consumption
        • Reduced system heat
        • Lower fan speeds and less noise


      AMD FreeSync and AMD Crossfire Support:

      • FreeSync and Crossfire can now be used together in applications using DirectX 10 or higher. Please note, this feature is currently not supported on systems configured in Dual Graphics mode.


      Please refer to the Release Notes for information regarding Known and Resolved Issues, CrossFire Profile enhancements for numerous games and to learn more about which graphics cards support VSR and FRTC.


      For instructions on how to uninstall or install the AMD Catalyst Software Suite, you may refer to the following support resources:


      How-To Uninstall AMD Catalyst™ Drivers From A Windows® Based System

      How-To Install AMD Catalyst™ Drivers For A Windows® Based System


      Please make sure to read the Known Issues sections to learn more about this version of the driver and use the Issue Reporting Form to report any bugs – Thank you!

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          Thanks for the info. I am installing them now. I received an email from AMD. I am going to do it in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. I wish I had a DX12 Benchmark program or at least a DX12 game Demo to see all the benefits. Do you by chance know of anything currently available to run in DX12?

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              Hi Tracy, I don't think there are any at the moment. But something tells me there will be a few on or after July 29th.

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                  Thanks Sam!


                  Yeah, I kind of figured it wouldn't be until then. I was just wondering. I just now finished setting up the 15.7 Driver package on Windows 8.1 and this time I decided to try utilizing CCC's full OC and tweaking capabilities since it is directly involved with the driver. I took Asus GPU Tweak out of the equation and have built a custom profile for Batman Arkham City. If its going to BSOD or lock up, it will be when I open the game up via the Preset.


                  But, before I give that a shot I am going to reboot and select Windows 10 to login to and install the new package there. I am not going to tweak it up full blast and attach a preset like I just did on Windows 8.1. I will enable all the cool features and perform some moderate tweaks and fool around a bit to see the quality side for now. Once I can confirm stability utilizing everything possible, I may add a slightly higher tweak preset to a game over there.


                  Anyhow, I am spending lots of time with this since I found out about this new driver. So, once I finish adding the update and features to Windows 10 and have to reboot, then I will go back into my freshly rebooted Windows 8.1 side and begin the Batman test. Having fun wasting time. But, I have everything working so perfect on both OS/s with this build it scares me. Now, the ultimate test...for now anyway. Its all fun.



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                      Hi Tracy,


                      I think your approach is great! If you don't mind, could you share your results? Just how everything went for you as I'm sure the community here would like to learn from you. (In addition, I'll share the info with the folks in the driver team).

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                          Wow, I Have a ton of information on how I (at least I believe at this time, I am on the Windows 10 side now performing what I have done in Windows 8.1) to successfully get everything just right. I spent a number of hours perfecting several aspects, utilizing the new drivers and CCC to ensure I was able to get superb quality with my graphics. Here is the kicker on how far one can go with the GPU. Quality and awesome beauty (even with DX11, so far) bringing out things that were never visible before such as wonderful effects within games blows me away. But, OCing with the new CCC for the GPU will/does not work at all really. It is very unstable and controlling (Overdrive) Clock Speed, Memory and Voltage has all the wrong ranges for my card and bounces around. So, turn that off!


                          But, with the CPU portion, enabling Overdrive works well. But, you MUST "check the Override  existing CPU settings box" in order to run the "Auto-Tune" (First thing). Then after the application performs its Auto-Tune it will stop when it hits its limit and ask you to reboot. In Windows 8.1 it will or may as in my case do the Auto-Tune and then lock up. Either way its finished Auto-Tuning. Then reboot! Once your back up the CPU Overdrive slider is able to be moved to on (green), after which you can slide it on over to the right for the higher CPU speeds. That's it for that portion. And it will stay there unless you lower it or turn it off. Okay, that is the CPU portion. Note! I had already OCed my FX8350 in the BIOS to 4.4. Now I have a stable 4.6 utilizing the CCC OC app. Stable, runs cool, etc... etc...


                          Here comes the weird part. Now I use "Asus GPU Tweak to OC my HD7900 series", since it was so flaky in the new CCC. I have played around with the Clock Speed, Voltage, Memory Clock, and the Fan Curve to get it to an optimal, stable, and excellent temp. I have set some presets depending on what I am doing of course. I was able to go up a significant amount when I have it all calculated just right. As you know this is different and can be tedious. However, I have a few profiles working excellent. This took a number of hours to tweak perfectly. But, its done and works great. Its worth the time!


                          So, here  is a little summary on how it all works seamlessly together (By the way, I have Benchmarked with several utilities to see CPU speed and the GPU graphical beauty running at the same time. I have done this with some games too. This is working so well I can not wait to get some DX12 stuff to see the real results.


                          Later if you wish, I can give you some specifics. I have, as I stated, numerous hours in successfully completing all of this. I hope this makes sense because I was up very late to perform and test for aweseome graphics and superb speed while running nice and cool. So, I am really sleepy and hope I explained it all where you understand. Actually, I am sure you understand all of it. You are intelligent. I would not want to explain it to any nooby types. They would probably give up.


                          If you have any questions, feel free. I am working in Windows 10 now. It is going good so far. I stopped to give you what I have so far. I would love to share my procedures and accomplishments with everyone. I know this will work very well for many. I just LOVE doing all of this. Its  is so much fun to be able to "Make it Happen"!


                          Okay Sam I am sure we will continue to do even more cool stuff. Thanks for the faith in me and the encouragement...


                          See ya later dude!

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                            Oh one last thing, I did ensure that I before I began all of this.  I uninstalled the complete CCC  with the uninstaller and removed the drivers  before installing the new package. Then I immediately adjusted my resolution to one of the ones that were suppose to be used for this to work correctly and ensured that I had a Refresh Rate of 60hz.  I did everything I could think of. If I missed anything, please advise.



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                          Oh another last thing. I was able to adjust my maximum frame rate as well. So, I believe I got it right.

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                        Thanks Sam, can't wait to try out that framerate target control.

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                          I have a problem with the driver download, I outlined it in this reddit thread


                          The other redditors downloaded a .exe installer with these hash data:

                          MD5: 709C27A93CB1C83B1BAE3C33D4B67F46

                          SHA1: 948F681569F1C106BB7CA36D12E5F58A64088188


                          Meanwhile, the driver that I download from AMD's driver page has this hash data:

                          MD5: 378B4776F4FC2552D569ED4EAC346822

                          SHA1: AC838B549486ADA1E234C709BA24FEF2ED7D3FD5


                          The installer is corrupted no matter what I try and it refuses to start citing integrity check failure. What can I do?