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AMD display driver stops  responding

Question asked by videope on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by nielsvds

I hope I get a reply from someone this time as I have posed a similar question before and no one gave me even a hint.


I have had this problem for 3 years now when using Adobe Photoshop or Premier Pro video editing CS5.

I have the Adobe program installed in two computers using Windows 7 but it only occurs in the one with the AMD DRIVER.


The following Display Adapters came preinstalled in that computer:

AMD Radeon HD 6630M

Intel HD Graphics 3000


A couple of years ago when I first checked to see if I needed an updated AMD DRIVER there were none.

Now I have found that you have one :



These are my questions:

1. What is "without-dotnet45-win7-64bi" ... don't I need it?

2. Is this new driver compatible with the Intel Graphics 3000 that I have?