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    AMD Radeon for controlling colors of captured video? - EDIT: OR a game??




      Im working as a streaming technician and have met a problem new to me:
      Preinstalled NVIDIA GPU causes color distortion in Wirecast live streaming software and after fighting it and
      listening recommendations from Wirecast developers I chose to change it to AMD Radeon.


      What I also noticed was that I almost get rid of the color distortion by controlling colors

      (improved contrast, sat, hue gamma but still having some distortion) in Wirecast using NVIDIA Control Panel's
      "Adjust video color settings" and choosing option that I want to make adjustments "With the NVIDIA settings (instead of "with the video
      player settings).


      Is there an AMD Radeon GPU lets me control 1: incoming video colors in encoding software 2: OR A GAME to maintain it's contrast, colors, gamma?
      Reasonable price tag is also necessary as well as 3D acceleration and normal height bracket.
      I've also noticed that for example Intel Integrated GPU's adjustments in Lenovo i7 computer don't affect on any playback, capture but only desktop for some weird reason.


      I haven't had to get into this kind of an issue before so I'd appreciate all help.





      HP Procurve rack unit server with
      win7 pro

      Intel Xeon