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    w7100 fan controller and overheating issue


      Hi all,


      I posted 2 weeks ago to the forum regarding w7100 overheating issue. No respond yet.


      I really need answers as we bought 6x w7100 and I assume some support would be reasonable.


      We use 2x w71000 gpu s in our media servers. We need to use all the outputs. The problem is, when we use minimum 3outputs we reach the 95-98 degree which is not acceptable at any circumstances. Especially in ours as these servers will go to Singapoore where the temperature is way over the UK, London average summer temperature.


      So I noticed that your fans run only at 30 % even when we hit the 95 c.


      1. It makes me wonder why those fans not running at least 70% when we have such high temp?

      2. The latest catalyst controller has no option to control the fans. Makes me wonder why? Older versions had this option!


      I tried 4 different fan controllers and strange thing, what ever I do, catalisyt somehow overwrites it and does not let me to change it.


      There was the TRIXX fan controller that seemed to work but only on one card. Another problem is that it is not solid. When I reset the TRIXX setup  after a while starts giving us blue screens, which is not something that anyone wants.


      What do you suggest? We really need to take control of those fans otherwise they will switch off and AMD costumer service could not give us any information about the safety temp limit.


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          Maybe try with custom cooler for Radeon 285?


          Mine was at 94 celsius when full load, and now is 84 when I moved to bigger room.


          When the card starting to cool down, do You hear some crackling noise? Like fire or something?

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              Thanks for getting back to me.


              Luckily, I have not heard anything like that.


              To be honest, I would like to sort this out without installing another cooler as we do not want to lose the warranty on 8 cards.


              I would prefer to take control of those fans as I see how well it works when it runs on 80%. I dont know why AMD give us no control in Catalyst. Seeing the fan running at 30% is annoying.


              We have a quite big server case. We changed all the old fans to some very nice Noctua and silverstone fans. The temperture raises slower for sure and it helped to bring donw the temp with 2-3c, but it is not enough.


              As I mentioned trixx worked on the 2nd card and it brought down the temp to 65c with 85% fan speed at full load which is really good. The problem is that whatever we do on the first card, Trixx crashes and give us blue screen. it is a buggy little app.

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              Any comment on that from AMD developers?

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                Hello everyone,


                There is no overdrive or fan control in Catalyst Control Center for Firepro users.


                To explain what happens we aim to keep fan speed as quiet as possible, so we run a conservative fan profile until the gpu temperature reaches around 90c. At this point we ramp up the fan speed to keep things in check. The maximum temperature you see should be around 98c, but it will most likely be lower, depending on your case airflow.


                Graphics Card damage will not occur until after 105c or higher. However if your gpu is reaching 98c or thereabouts and suffering from stability issues such as driver resets, then the Graphics Card could be faulty.


                I'm listening to your feedback on this folks, so please feel free to post it in response to my post.

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                    Thank you for getting back to us.


                    I have come to the same conclusion, that you probably want to keep the noise level down. I completely understand this. Normally this is the aim. In our studio computers we keep fans low.


                    We monitored the fan usage and we did not see it go over 30% even at 95c.


                    However, as we use these cards on-site, not in a studio environment, where temperature can be over 30c, we would prefer to have control over fans. What really positions these AMD Firepro cards over Nvidia, is the 4 display-port output. I think only quadro 6000m has 4 dp output, but it costs ridiculous money.


                    As I see, fan control is something that is very essential , especially with these 4dp output cards. I understand that you dont want to give over clocking options, but fan control does not risk stability. Probably most of the users, would not touch the fans at all, but I think other professional use of these Firepro cards should be also considered as well (hot open air events, crowded indoor events, clubs etc.)


                    Is this fan control something that in the very close future could be added, or unlock it?

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                      Hi there,


                      Regarding the temperature thing there is one more note that I would like to add.


                      Before you got back to us we called AMD UK as well for solutions and recommendations 2-3 weeks ago.


                      It is interesting that AMD UK actually approved and said the same thing, that we also thought to be correct, GPU temp should stay between 80-90 c under full load. So from this point of view it is quite misleading.


                      Also, it would be very handy to get access to this kind of information in the future and not waiting, digging, tweeting for weeks. Perhaps included in the manual or on the web site?


                      I am sure there are many industry professionals  who would agree with me in the question of full fan control on Firepro cards.


                      It would be nice to hear AMDs opinion about this matter.

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                        Hi there,


                        can you give us some updates or tell few words regarding my previous messages? What is your position in this or what can we expect in the close future?





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                          I reporting in with the same issue. We have had numerous instances of overheating especially noticeable when graphics tablets are used.

                          I've looked into aftermarket coolers and there doesn't seem to be anything that I can attach directly to the card, so I'm going to try simple PCI fans and exhausts.

                          It's not really good enough that I have to resort to this when the capability is available in the card.

                          Please give us the facility to choose how the devices run - I'm happy to sacrifice noise for performance.





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                            Dear AMDmatt,


                            It would be really useful to have fan speed control the AMD FirePro driivers.

                            The default option could be Auto, for those who have no problems and are happy with the default settings.

                            But like Misi, I use the AMD FirePro cards in media servers, which are often used hot, noisy enviroments (live music events for example) where fan noise is irrelevant, but overheating computers is a very serious problem. I have particularly noticed the problem in systems runnung dual W7100 cards, where the second card often runs hotter than the first. I am fairly sure this is not an airflow issue, but posibly an issue in how the drivers handle multiple cards.


                            The media server workload can be quite demanding, constantly running very high resolution video through the cards, using all 8 outputs on a dual-GPU machine, for up to 24 hours a day., Please can we have manual control of fan speeeds / card temperatures! Running cards at nearly 100 degrees for extended periods of time is just scary and it seems unneccesary.


                            all the best,



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                              Dear Matt,


                              I just installed the latest driver for w7100.


                              I`m greatly disappointed. I started this thread in July. AMD costumer support on Twitter promised that the fan controller will be included in the upcoming release. Many others have asked for this feature which should not be very complicated to implement or develop.


                              Not just us, but others are also relying on this cards and on jobs which must not go wrong simply due to any kind of overheating issue, that matter of fact could be controlled with that very simple solution/feature.


                              This thread have been kept alive by others and me in last few months and you have not even bothered to respond to other`s questions and requests.


                              We waited for this release for 3 month hopping that our request will be included and heard.


                              I cannot put in words how disappointed I am. I wonder, after all these promises, unprofessional communication and costumer service what keeps us back to not move onto Nvidia cards in the future?


                              All the best,


                              Mihaly Sipos

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                              Yes, Gpu-Z and Trixx shows 30% of active fan all the time. But when the card is at full load, I can hear the fan is accelerating. So Gpu-Z and Trixx is showing wrong fan speed here. And when i change options of fan speed in Trixx, nothing happends... I guess I am missing something...


                              Maybe it depends on the case. One of the best performance cases out there is Antec 1200.


                              I have 2 pwm 120mm vents, but I will buy Nanoxia Deep dream 1 case soon.

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                                  Do not use trixx. It is for radeon cards.


                                  but if you really want to:


                                  1. set fan speed.

                                  2. go to profiles and save profile

                                  3. load the profile you just saved.


                                  BUT BE AWARE: this could make your system crash!


                                  Also, whenever you want to use TRIXX always uninstall and reinstall it, then follow the steps above. if you dont uninstall and reinstall it before every use, it makes your system crash. I really dont recommend it.


                                  Also, we monitored with many fan controller or GPU monitor software and we saw max 40% speed.


                                  Another thing you can do  is rebuild your case.


                                  Here is what we did.


                                  We noticed that whenever the case top is off the temp drops 10c.


                                  So we bought a thermaltek core x9 case. We put 6x 140mm Noctoua industry fans on the top and one at the back. We set them to 100% and took off the top dust filter. With this we reached 85-88 max temp at full load with 2 w7100 gpu next to each other.


                                  it is loud as hell but keeps us on safe waters.


                                  I hope it helps!

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                                  Regarding our! W7100 overheating issues or defect card??..

                                  When I originally installed and tried our W71 "pro" card for the first time I could have sworn I heard it's fan operate vigorously. Soon however I started hearing error beeps from one of our gadgets called CPU Meter.

                                  I've been fighting with AMD Firepro W7100 / AMD "Support" situation now for over a month, at first I did receive a download link for some alleged Firmware update utility, claiming to "up" the fan speed curve slightly however the case was "terminated" before I could get a reply regarding this alleged "Firmware update". It did just alter things a couple of degrees, after that it suddenly does absolutely nothing(Fan speed remains constant at  "30%"!). The drivers (Firepro "Control" Center) that came with the Card did use to have lots of settings available under the "video", "Quality" tab, that is during the first few days of installing the card. Every attempt to reach your in our case terrible support results with NOTHING. I even had to re register with AMD.com in order to write this since NO reply was ever heard when I tried to "reset" our support password.


                                  THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE,  and I can assure that I won't just "sit here" and "swallow" this AMD nonsense forever.


                                  Starting today I will contact B&H from whom I purchased the card and ask them what THEY think since this was a part of a $25K upgrade order.

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                                      The card performs GREAT otherwise. part from the overheating / Catalyst "control"  issues. At some point I even saw the missing sections in  it after having dibbled with some "Display group" settings, but things didn't seem right after that which forced us to re install this Catalyst thing in an attempt to restore things..

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                                        In my case, took probably a month to reply. I agree with you, this is not acceptable costumer service. I pushed them everywhere, facebook, twitter, forums and they replied very slowly.


                                        Also strange that we are sort of having a conversation with one of the AMD developer or who and he simply does not reply. He replied once and that is it.


                                        Good news is that AMD costumer service on Twitter got back to me and clam,promise that the next driver update will have fan control included. I hope they will finish it soon and they are better at developing driver/firmware updates than at costumer support.


                                        In my previous post I mentioned what we did. I am not sure it is an option for you, but for the time being it saved us:


                                        We noticed that whenever the case top is off the temp drops 10c.


                                        "So we bought a thermaltek core x9 case. We put 6x 140mm Noctoua industry fans on the top and one at the back. We set them to 100% and took off the top dust filter. With this we reached 85-88 max temp at full load with 2 w7100 gpu next to each other."

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                                            I'm looking into getting a CPU closed water cooler package to "marry"

                                            with a GPU water cooling block fitting the W7100..

                                            But controllable fan speed would be great, and I can't say what's up

                                            with the missing stuff in Catalyst? But it's appalling

                                            how poorly the support of this great midrange pro card is handled.. It's

                                            a real STINKER..

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                                          Dear AMD,


                                          Is there any update to this question?


                                          I also use the AMD FirePro cards in Media Servers.

                                          These servers are often used in hot and noisy environments, therefore keeping the system cool is far more important to us then minimising fan noise. We really need to be able to control fan speeds, in order to maintain safe operating temperatures in our machines.


                                          Can you confirm that you intend to expose this feature in your next release of FirePro drivers?


                                          many thanks,



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                                            Hi all,


                                            Will card shut down like motherboard or processor after too much heat?



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                                              the support have send me a new bios for the card. This have a new fan curve and works fine.


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                                                Hey everyone, AMD support linked me with the original bios today. I added it to Dropbox - looks like it's probably the same file Berndeg linked, but here it is:

                                                Dropbox - W7100_BIOS.rom

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                                                  I was having trouble with my newly purchased W7100 as well. I have downloaded and installed the BIOS version that was the latest and it seems to work well. Is there any way to get a more aggressive profile? The temps before were ~90C now they are ~80C.


                                                  My Rig is:

                                                  CPU: Intel 4930k @ 4.125 Ghz

                                                  Mobo: MSI X79A-GD45 Plus

                                                  Ram: Gskill 32 gig

                                                  HDD: Samsung 256 SSD

                                                  Graphics: AMD W7100

                                                  Cooling: Custom Water cooling Loop

                                                  Case: Fractal Design Define S


                                                  I don't like the fact, while "safe", the card sit at ~78-80C. I am hoping this fan profile can bring this down. If this is not likely, I may look into designing my own  custom water block to keep it cool.

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                                                    As you mentioned this is a forum and not a support portal. No one is obligated to reply. I see your post for the first time. However you have a Professional Graphics card with dedicated 24/7 support over the phone and email. I wonder if you have used this service at all. In any case, back to your problem.

                                                    1. What is the exact make and model of your media server?
                                                    2. Who built the media server for you?
                                                    3. What is your OS?
                                                    4. Which driver is installed?
                                                    5. What are the exact make and model of 3x monitors connected to W7100?
                                                    6. How are those monitors connected? DP, DVI? HDMI?
                                                    7. Please specify if any DP adapters are used.
                                                    8. What are the resolution and refresh rate of the monitors?
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                                                        I built the workstation. Its primary use is for CAD Modelling. The OS is

                                                        Win7 64 bit. The bios installed is

                                                        (113-C7670100-X02) With the Driver 15.301.2601.0WHQL/WIN7 64.


                                                        The reason I had found the heat issues was with CAD Simulation. The model

                                                        have become very large with finer meshes. Alternatively I was playing

                                                        L.O.L. on it and thats when I notices the heat issues.


                                                        The monitors are not any thing special. There are two monitors. The first

                                                        is Acer H233H 23" display at 1920X1080 @ 60 Hz. The other is LG W2361 23"

                                                        display at 1920X1080 @ 60 Hz. Both are connected via DP-DVI adapters from




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                                                        I see that GpuZ doesen't show correct memory usage. This is MEL command for Maya:


                                                        ogs -gpu



                                                        My fans are now at 60% with 96 C heat. I don't know that is because of new Bios or GpuZ version.