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w7100 fan controller and overheating issue

Question asked by misi on Jul 7, 2015
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Hi all,


I posted 2 weeks ago to the forum regarding w7100 overheating issue. No respond yet.


I really need answers as we bought 6x w7100 and I assume some support would be reasonable.


We use 2x w71000 gpu s in our media servers. We need to use all the outputs. The problem is, when we use minimum 3outputs we reach the 95-98 degree which is not acceptable at any circumstances. Especially in ours as these servers will go to Singapoore where the temperature is way over the UK, London average summer temperature.


So I noticed that your fans run only at 30 % even when we hit the 95 c.


1. It makes me wonder why those fans not running at least 70% when we have such high temp?

2. The latest catalyst controller has no option to control the fans. Makes me wonder why? Older versions had this option!


I tried 4 different fan controllers and strange thing, what ever I do, catalisyt somehow overwrites it and does not let me to change it.


There was the TRIXX fan controller that seemed to work but only on one card. Another problem is that it is not solid. When I reset the TRIXX setup  after a while starts giving us blue screens, which is not something that anyone wants.


What do you suggest? We really need to take control of those fans otherwise they will switch off and AMD costumer service could not give us any information about the safety temp limit.


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