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    r7 370 problem


      just recently installed my new r7 370 4gb card from sapphire i have the 15.6 drivers installed but my PC will not detect the video card


      this is my system setup

      Intel Core i5-3350P, Sapphire Radeon R7 370, Fractal Design Node 804 - System Build - PCPartPicker

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          I have a I Core 7 with 16 gb of ram 1 tb drive windows 7 home premium gigabyte mother board with blue ray player.  I purchased R7 370 2 gb GDDR5 ram two fans. The software installs (auto play doesn't work) but the video card is not recognized.  I could not register my video card became it can't finish the install. This is frustrating because I know that the PCI is good voltages are 12.25 constant so power is not the problem.  I would appreciate a reply please.