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    Toshiba Laptop with r7 m260 Driver Hanging + bsod issues




      I am on a Toshiba Satelite L70-B-12T Laptop (PSKRQE).

      CPU: Intel Core i5-4210U CPU, 2C/4T, 1.7GHz (2,7GHz Turbo), 3MB Cache

      RAM: 1x 4096MB DDR3L/1600MHz

      VGA: AMD Radeon R7 M260 2GB VRAM.


      Every time i try to play a game amd driver hangs or i get bsoded (atikmpag.sys).

      Some days happens right after i boot the laptop and others after several hours of use or a couple hours of play.


      I tried everything on win8 home x64(OEM) and win 7 x64 pro.

      Everything includes:

      -Updating Intel Graphic drivers (auto-updater promted me to use toshibas driver)

      -Used Toshibas drivers.

      -Used latest and beta drivers from amd.


      -All windows and graphic card settings are on performance.

      -Dissabled all relevant power-saving options i could find.


      -Tried several times the ,manually extracting-replacing, fix for atikmpag bsod without any change.I keep getting this error 1x per day at minimum.


      The games that i have tried and perform bad are:

      -Sniper Elite 3 (driver hangs and recovers succesfully)

      -Archage (Every graphic setting is on minimum and i keep crashing,bsoding and getting my driver hang right after i log in game)

      -Tera : Here i can actually log on lowest settings (+lotsa .ini tweaking) but i randomly get the driver hang thing again and rare bsod.

      And these are the only games i have tried on this laptop so far


      3DMark normal computer test:Bsod when generates the report.

      3DMark Mid range gaming pc test: Driver hangs on 1st video and never recovers.

      Planning to run another stress tester but besides that i m definatelly out of ideas on how to keep troubleshooting this.


      Thanks in advance!