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    R9 270X low performance


      Hi guys, firstable sorry by my bad english...


      Here the problem: I have a Gigabyte R9 270x windforce 2gb and I can't have the full performance that the VGA card can give me.

      The true is that just after I install the AMD Driver my card give the full performance (example BF4 in ultra settings FULL HD with 90 fps constantly), and

      before I install the driver I make a full remove of them. BUT after two or three new inicialization of the system the performance drops a lot, example in BF4

      in low settings go to 40 fps.


      When this happens I repeat the process: unistall -> install again


      Can you help me?


      I'm using AMD Driver 14.12 and I´m not using the AMD Chipset (optional)

      My OS: Win 8.1 updated


      PC Specs:

      I5 4670

      Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz 8gb

      Mobo: z97-A

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          not sure what is the problem but you should use the last drivers for the graphics card it doesnt matter that they are beta.

          I have the same gpu but different card im running a dualx from sapphire and  i am not having problems on battlefield 4 (you should use mantle by the way)

          The drivers of the chipset are not needed since you have an intel chipset motherboard Desktop