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Eyefinity Tearing/Matched Output Question

Question asked by devotpohats on Jul 7, 2015

Hey guys,


I have a brief question regarding matched display outputs when using Eyefinity. I'm using two R9 Fury X cards in Crossfire for this setup.


My PLP monitor configuration is currently a Dell 3007WFP in landscape as my center monitor using an Accell DP -> DL-DVI adapter and two Dell 2007FPs in portrait as my wings using the DP -> DVI adapters that came with the Fury Xs. Initially I saw a tear line on the outer monitors, scanning across every seven seconds or so. I discovered that the preferred modeline for my center monitor was at 59.86 Hz, while the outer monitors have a preferred mode at 60.00 Hz. I put together a modeline for the center monitor at 60 Hz, which stopped the tear line from scanning.


However, the tear is now at a fixed position on the outer monitors; they're refreshing at precisely the same rate, but they're not actually synced. I've noticed that in CCC, the center display (on the Accell adapter) seems to appear as a DisplayPort display (i.e. there are no 'alternate DVI operational mode' checkboxes, and a bit-depth option has appeared) while the outer monitors still have the usual DVI trimmings. I understand that if you mix connection types you can expect tearing (based on this).


I've ordered two more of the Accell adapters. Can I reasonably expect that if all three monitors are connected via the exact same adapter type that they will be in sync? Alternately, will messing with the EDID for the outer monitors to increase/decrease the size of the front or back porch move the tear line closer to the edges?



- Dev