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Windows 10 Support Radeon HD 4800 Series

Question asked by desertfox on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by kingfish

Hi I'm currently trying out the InsiderPreview for Windows 10, am I'm

looking for drivers for my old Radeon HD 4870.


The only statement I found by AMD is the one below. Are there yet drivers

by AMD or when will AMD release drivers for Windows 10? The build in

drivers for Windows 10 are working but they don't even allow the playback

of Videos.


*Q: Which AMD products are supported in the Windows® 10 technical preview? *


A: All AMD processors are compatible with the Windows® 10 technical

preview. In addition, all DirectX® 9-compatible (or higher) accelerated

processing units and AMD Radeon™ graphics cards are supported in the

Windows® 10 technical preview. Specific legacy products (e.g., AMD Radeon™

HD 4000 series) may require use of drivers provided by Microsoft® through

Windows Update with their Windows® 10 installation.

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