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Computer won't automatically update display mode?

Question asked by theta1996 on Jul 6, 2015

I recently installed Catalys Control Center to my Lenovo Laptop and updated my graphics drivers through the program. I have a 26" TV connected to my laptop for when I watch movies, TV, YouTube or Twitch.


Whenever I turned the TV on with the remote, the laptop would automatically detect this and change the audio and display settings to extend my monitor to my TV and play sound from it too. Whenever the TV was turned off with the remote it would do the same thing so that the devices were switched around so only the laptop display was rendered and the sound would come from the inbuilt speakers.


Since I performed the driver update and installed CCC on my laptop it's not been able to automatically detect the TV being turned on or off and I have to disconnect the HDMI lead for it to detect the change in device. Is it possible to change it back to automatically detecting if the TV is on or off without having to disconnect the cable and if so: how do I do it?


All help is much appreciated


P.S. I'm using a Lenovo G505 with AMD E1 APU (1.00GHz duel-core) with Radeon HD 8210 capable of upto 720p.