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While installing GPU drivers for a R9 200 series I get a black screen.

Question asked by vincentvanzwieten on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by kingfish

Whenever I install drivers for the GPU I get a blackscreen while installing. I've left the computer like that for 2 hours, still nothing.



AMD FX-4350

ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0


Sharkoon WPM500 Bronze (500 watt)

GeIL Evo Leggerra 8GB

An SSD and a HDD (1TB).


Monitor: LG 22MP550 (Connected with DVI-D)


OS: Windows 8 64-bit. (completely clean install!)


I tried everthing, from installing Chipset drivers first to installing windows 10 preview and trying it again.

Windows 8.1 didn't work for me so I couldn't test that.

The automatic detection system from AMD says I got an HD 8xxx series (Which isn't the case).

I tried update windows completely first. I tried installing R9 200 series GPU driver. I tried installing HD 8xxx GPU driver. I tried those in Windows 10. I even ran DDM(?) (That driver remove program).

Nothing worked! Always the same problem - Black screen while installing the GPU drivers.

GPU-Z confirms I do have an MSI R9 270X Hawk and not a HD 8xxx GPU.

I also checked if everything was connected properly and I even tried the second PCI-E slot on my MoBo.

I'm just completely out of options and I hope someone is able to help me. Only solution I can think of right now is getting another GPU. I'm not even sure if the GPU is the problem...


Please sent help,


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