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Driver crashes with OpenCL?

Question asked by pjb7687 on Jul 6, 2015
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I am Jeongbin Park, the main developer of Cas-OFFinder (snugel/cas-offinder · GitHub, article:

Recently we are experiencing crashes with the latest AMD driver (on Ubuntu linux) with huge input data.


The symptom of 'crash' is that Cas-OFFinder runs fine with several hours, and then suddenly it hangs.

After that, running any OpenCL program makes the terminal hang and doesn't respond.


Also, when I tried to kill Cas-OFFinder or the newly created OpenCL processes,

they won't simply be killed just like zombie processes - even with SIGKILL - and the only way to terminate them is system reboot.


For your information, I designed the host-side program to make a lot of chunks of the input data,

so that the running time per each chunk of the OpenCL kernels to be in relatively short time (in several seconds).


Full source code of latest Cas-OFFinder: snugel/cas-offinder at experimental · GitHub

Source code of OpenCL kernels can be found here: cas-offinder/ at experimental · snugel/cas-offinder · GitHub


Could you see the source code and let me know why such a weird behavior happen?

For your information, it occurs with AMD APP SDK 2.9.1 and also with 3.0 beta. Also, it does not crash with CPU.