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    Certain games make the computer restart


      Ever since a few months ago, I have been suffering from crashes when starting certain games (and semi-randomly on another) with me 290X on Win 8.1 - 64 bits.


      So far I have found that the computer crashes whenever I start the following games:


      . Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens

      . Victory Command

      . A City Sleeps


      With these games, it always crashed a few seconds after the application starting, no blue screen or error message - I just hear a "click" on my computer, and go back to the BIOS reinitializing.


      This has also happened with The Witcher 1 Extended Edition, but not just after starting (it's usually after entering the first castle). It should be noted, all of these are fairly low-demand games, and I managed to run The Witcher 3 on high settings for hours.


      I have no idea what to do anymore. Trying installing the Beta drivers, but still am getting the same result. It should be noted, the first game I noticed the problem with, Victory Command, used to work... but it was before updating both the drivers and the game, so I am not sure if either of those could be involved.


      Any ideas? What further information can I post to help troubleshoot this?