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AMD installs driver for 8850M but then shows Radeon R9 M265X

Question asked by write on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by write

Hello friends,

i'm having some issues on Dell 3537, i7, 8 GB with AMD Radeon HD 8550M.

I get the same result, either using AMD Autodetect, which identifies correctly my graphic card, or if i use manual selection to download latest driver.

As you can see below, it downloads the latest driver according to Radeon HD 8850M.


After install, like i said it gets a different graphic card. Like shown below



The problem is that sometimes, but only sometimes, my pc gets back from hibernate, or from restart, with a black screen, not being able to do anything... (power button does nothing either).

I have to force shut down laptop and restart.... This happens sometimes when the Display turns off due to inactivity.

If i let windows 8.1's driver, games run really bad...


Does anyone have any idea what I could do ?


PS: tried driver fusion to delete everything, tried uninstalling from safe mode and reinstall, still same outcome. I've even tried to install an older version (13.9) but nothing.


Waiting for reply, thanks.