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R9 290X fast death/burnup

Question asked by nox95 on Jul 4, 2015

I just installed waterblocks on both my R9 290x graphics cards. Idle temperatures were okay, but during load, something weird happened.


I started furmark after checking temperatures and leaks, and GPU1 did just fine, full power at only 47 degrees. The second card though, jumped to 71 degrees and steadily but quickly climbed to 81 degrees. I thought something might be wrong, so i shut down the benchmark and loaded up GPU-z and Catalyst Control Center. GPU-z told me idle temperatures were fine. I started the test again, but in 1400*900 windowed mode to bypass CrossFire. CCC showed 93-95 degrees bounching up and down very fast, (this card was idle) but clocks were stable @ 300MHz. I think this was because the card was on standby/low power mode and this was just faulty reading.


Then i rebooted and fired up furmark again, fullscreen @ 1440p to check if maybe something software related went wrong previously. This time again, the GPU climbed to 81 degrees in under 20 seconds and BOOM, hardlock. I reset the computer and now the GPU is just not responding. It does not show up in Device Manager or anywhere else. VRM temperatures where okay i think, they did not go over 61 but i am not sure if i only checked GPU 1's VRMs or both...


Could anyone help me out here? I hope i did not blow it up, because i have been saving for this for a VERY long time.