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CF R9 290 Tri-X Problems

Question asked by cfuser on Jul 4, 2015

UPDATE: Was a profile issue, disregard. New to this CF thing



Hey there, I just recently picked up another R9 290 Tri-X to pair with my current one. Booted the PC up, everything seemed alright. Benchmarks are throwing back expected results. However, when I enter any demanding game I get bad performance (possibly negative compared to one card) and very noticeable stutter on specific games (BF4) I realise some games don't support CF at all. But I'm pretty certain something's up when I'm getting poor scaling on BF4. A monument to CF scaling. I play in 1080p with V-Sync turned off. So my intentions are to reach 120-144fps depending on the game of course.
Any help would be appreciated. Running latest Beta drivers (15.6)





P.s Is it possible that it's my HDD causing the problems? Seems the games on my SSD don't have as much stutter or none. Also this is where my benchmark software is located (Firestrike)

I can upload some screenshots of the GPU/CPU graph on BF4 if needed.



I've exhausted quite a few options already:
Disable/ Enable pagefile
Manual reg edit clean sweep of the drivers

+20% power limit
Disable ULPS
Autocrossfire link set to 1 in reg - Switched back to 0 once PC restarted

Disabled frame pacing
Stock volt on my CPU - Made no difference (undervolted stable before, switched back)

Don't think it's throttling as max temps are about 80-82 on the first card and 68-70 on the second.

Stock clocks and voltage on the cards

Not too familiar with CF Profiles - Tried adding one for BF4 after all the stuttering etc. Set it to AFR friendly and as far as I can remember that didn't change much

CPU maxes out at about 60-62 degrees

Running 16x and 8x so 8x and 8x ? Gen 3


Quite a task here






I7 3770K @ Stock clocks / undervolted stable
Asus P8Z77 V LX MOBO
Corsair vengeance 16GB 1600MHz RAM

H80i closed loop water cooling for the CPU

2 x Sapphire R9 290's Tri-X

1TB Samsung HDD
250GB Samsung EVO SSD
RM1000 PSU