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msi cx620 problem with video driver

Question asked by defpointt on Jul 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by theacclaimed

Hi, i've tried to upgrade my videocard amd mobility radeon hd 5470 in my msi cx620 classic to latest version and now control center didn't open after system reboot. There is come message that i install wrong driver or something. I've got stable stock driver but as i said tried to upgrade and now it don't work and i have screen resolution changed to 800x600 and its 1024x768 maximum now


Any advice here? I know i still can return to my previous version driver, but u know... wanna best and newer version possible.

My OS is W7.

Stock drivers that work for me is 8.733.2_100608a-101576C-MSI-Calpella(WHQL)

i used autodetectutility from amd to detect latest drivers.