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help with a configuration

Question asked by cdrfnm on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by tekkiaussie

have only one video card the ati hd 6970 i try to put 3 monitor for 3 output i have one 27 the second is 24 with the same resolution i am trying the 3th monitor of 22

the problem is the computer only allow me to put 2 active monitor the the 3th one go disable , only let me use 2 at time



i am asking if a buy a 6950 and put them working together with crossfire this let me use the 3th monitor , because i read some page and say eyefnity to expand and only use3 4 5 monitor with eye finity , i dont want expand it and conver 3 monitor to 1


i want 3 different desktop expanding it for a photoshop studio o something like that put on one screen facebook on another a game and in a 3th other client .


i want to do this

but only 2 work with 1 video card no matter what combination I use


i have 2 dvis 1 hdmi and 2 mini display i test already dvi dvi hdmi / dvi hdmi display port and nothing only can use 2 at time