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AMD Trinity 5800k igpu in xp 32bit, lost ram: does iommu direct memory access work?

Question asked by alek on Jul 6, 2015

Hello everyone,


I know the question can start flame wars, but stick to it. I still use XP, alongside other OSes,  for various reasons.


The question is the about the lost ram. In xp, if the igpu takes 1gb ram for vram, its going to take that 1gb from the ram, but also its going to take another 1gb and use it as copy buffer. I read that IOMMU does some sort of DMA aka direct memory access, but still I miss 2gb of usefull ram (igp set to 1gb, onother 1gb for copy-back). I have 8gb total ram. I can make use of the WHOLE "lost" ram with ramdisk, but I need that 1 copy-back gb to be not-copy-back (hence direct access) and be available to me, and the 1gb vram to be in the "unalocated memory". Any ideas?


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