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R9 390 driver issue.

Question asked by gandhisaurus on Jul 5, 2015

Hi, i got the sapphire r9 390. I deleted the nvidia drivers i had before with DDU and installed the 15.15 drivers afterwards.


They do work fine when in desktop, but i have huge issues in games. I only get up to 30 fps, no matter how low i put the settings, and no matter which game i play, there is constant lag.
So i reinstalled and reinstalled and reinstalled from CD and as a download, but it doesn't solve the problem i have. I also checked for my other drivers, but they are new.



My other specs are:


PCU: xeon e3 1231v3
MOBO: gigabyte ga-h97-d3h
PSU: Super flower golden green 650 watt 80+ gold .... i know that it is recommended to have more power, but i've read that 650 watt should be enough to use and not lose too much perfomance.


It also doesn't seem like that there are other drivers i could use. I need some help asap, because right now it works worse than my 660ti.


Thanks in advance