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    AMD stopped working


      In this post I want to share a problem that I have some time, and was difficult to play.

      I have this pc since 2011, the last year for the first time buy more 4GB (8GB total) and terabite. Some time later it appeared to me an error that the video card stopped working and recovered, an ATI Radeon 5000, so I decided it was time to change it because I spend so for months.

      I bought a new ATI Radeon R7 260x and pulls me that mistake again "Amd stopped working and recovered". Mainly it happens when I lose my Internet connection. It is labeled, it makes a strange sound and the drivers are disconnected.

      And pass all antivirus and reinstall drivers correctly

      If anyone knows anything greatly I appreciate it. To complete the post with all the information I leave a picture with everything in my PC.

      Photo: http://imgur.com/OgUWCjX [imgur.com] (Spanish)



      Thank you very much!



      (Sorry for my english)