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    Fury X windows 10 driver issues


      I recently just purchased a Fury X, it powers on and drives a display and everything seems to be fine until you try to run anything graphically taxing.

      Essentially everything detects it as "ATI Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (ATI)"

      I can't run any games on it, it won't download any drivers or CCC 15.15 itself as it always gets stuck installing at "enumerating source media for installable packages"

      I'm having a nightmare with this right now, 6 hours trying to just get these drivers installed, any help would be appreciated

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          There are no AMD drivers for Windows 10. Microsoft and AMD recommend using the graphics drivers supplied by Microsoft for that particular version of the Preview. They are delivered by Windows Update. These drivers will not give full functionality to your card , and Microsoft told you that not all programs/features will be compatible with the Preview. Report any graphics issues to Microsoft , they in turn notify AMD. When the final version of Windows 10 is released AMD will have drivers for it.