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    MSI r9 280x 3GB Glitched?


      Hello everyone.


      I have a weird issue with my R9 280x. I tried many different things, but nothing helped so far.


      Last week i was playing a game (Heroes of the storm). Everything worked fine, but suddenly i got a crash out of nowhere. My screen turned black, the audio looped like crazy and the computer was still on. I had to do a hard reset. Temperatures were fine, the crash just came out of nowhere.

      I tested my hardware to see if there was anything wrong (RAM, cpu) and i saw something strange when i was testing my videocard in furmark.


      The videocard is doing really weird: When i start the furmark test (1920*1080 x0), the videocard usage will sit at 60/65% for a moment (5 seconds max), and then it goes to 99% (Furmark stutters alot when it's going to the 99% usage). While i am running the test, the video core voltage is at 1.18 volt (Normal: 1.22), but when i close furmark the core voltage goes up to 1.22 only to decrease to idle volts when the gpu usage is down to 0% again.


      This is happening in every 3d related program. My GPU usage is not reaching 99% anymore while gaming (My GPU usage used to be 99% in elder scrolls online, now its max 86), and my FPS decreased too.


      System specs:

      I5 4690K at 4.5ghz 1.28 volt (uncore 3.5ghz)

      Gigabyte G1 sniper B6

      Crucial ballistix sport 2x 8GB RAM

      MSI r9 280x at 1120 mhz core clock, 1620 mhz ram clock + 20% power limit

      Sharkoon WPM600 bronze 600 watt

      Crucial MX100 SSD 250gb



      I tried the following things:


      - Reinstalled AMD drivers with DDU, did not work.


      - Reinstalled my GPU oc program (MSI afterburner). It had some effect, before the reinstall furmark wouldnt even run at 99% gpu usage.


      - CPU back to default clock (3.5ghz), did not work.


      - RAM back to default (instead of XMP), did not work.


      - GPU back to default clock (1020 mhz core, 1500 mhz ram)


      - Memory test, everything was OK.


      - Reinstalled the GPU in the pcie slot, did not work.


      - Checked if the PSU cables were properly connected. OK.


      - Ran Checkdisk, no errors found.


      - Ran sfx scannow, no errors found.


      - Power limit to 20% in Afterburner


      - Force constant voltage, monitor voltage, etc in afterburner.


      I also noticed some things:


      - Windows performance index doesnt work anymore (SSD parameters incorrect).


      - GPU usage never exceeds 86% in games.


      - When i limit the power to -20% in afterburner the problem seems to lessen, i get an instant 99% usage and a HIGHER voltage, however my FPS decreased by 30 to 40.


      - Very hard to describe, but: It doesnt matter what i am doing on my PC, it almost seems like the GPU is getting a blackout for a split second or something (it seems like the gpu is scaling the screen)


      I have no clue what to do anymore. Is the GPU corrupted? Could a fresh install of windows help?

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          Is there anyone out there that's having the same issue as me? It's really weird and i don't know what to do anymore. The new AMD drivers did not fix the issues.

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            Reducing the power limit means the card will downclock to limit power use, which naturally means it's going to be at a higher load at that clock speed (load being relative).


            Focusing on the GPU usage isn't necessarily useful, either.  What you should do is duplicate some benchmarks that you find online for that card, and make sure the results aren't too dissimilar.  You may have no problem at all, other than whatever caused the crash, which may be a fluke that won't recur.

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              I have a similar problem: the symptoms are the same but the monitor shows the attached image (right):




              I have Asus Radeon R9 280X DirectCU II TOP 3GB GDDR5 and it's really annoying when occurs.