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Failed resetting Direct3D device objects

Question asked by jimmy213 on Jul 4, 2015
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I have a problem with a game, Path of Exile. Every time a try to enable borderless windowed mode I get the error in the title. In fullscreen mode I play just fine. I contacted the developers of the game and although they were really kind and helpfull, we didn't succeed in solving this problem.

I also asked a few people in my guild if they had this error. Most of them had nvidia gpus and they told me that they don't have any problem with this mode. Also one of them had AMD gpu and he also played fine. But in some other forums I saw mostly AMD users have this error.


Is there any advice you can give me? Does anyone have experience with this?


I have a Sapphire HD7770 1GB

I currently have the 15.6 Beta drivers, but I had the problem with 14.12 (and older) driver too.

I have Windows 8.1 Pro x64. Again with my previous Windows 7 Pro x64 I had the same error.

DirectX is updated.

.net Framework in the latest version.

VC++ redist in the latest version too.

DxDiag file provided.