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R9 Fury X crossfire - no FRTC option!

Question asked by en9dmp on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2015 by en9dmp

It seems that with 2 fury x cards in crossfire there is no option in CCC to enable FRTC... Can someone form AMD please confirm this is just a bug in the drivers and that FRTC will be enabled soon?


Also as an aside, touting this card in press releases as an overclocker's dream is just a blatant lie.... Unless again overclocking will actually work once drivers are updated... I can't even get a 2% overclock on the core, meaning this is the worst overclocking flagship card ever produced.


I really want some reassurance from  AMD that these things will improve, and improve SOON. Otherwise I have no reason to keep these cards in favour of 980ti, and I'd like to sell them now whilst they are still in short supply.