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Heroes of the Storm can't recognize video card

Question asked by sxayer on Jul 3, 2015



I've been lurking Blizzard and AMD forums for a while now to check if anyone got a solution for this, but i didn't find anything that can be called useful so...


I have a Dell Inspiron 15r 5520-1350, a laptop with an integrated Intel HD 4000 card and a Radeon HD 7670m. Normally CCC is doing fine with giving the required power to apps that need it. That's to say it handles WoW, Starcraft 2, LoL, Tera the way it should. However when i try to play HotS my integrated HD 4000 is the only thing that's working, and it is quite impossible for that card to make it work well, even with low graphics. I heard that this problem is not bound to Dell, or specificly to my setup, since every player who has this combo (intel integrated card + amd dedicated card), tells the same, they can play every other game well, even Blizzard games, but HotS is just not the one.

Here is a forum that pretty much tells what Blizz knows about the problem, but since they said AMD wont respond, i thought i might just start a topic here, so we might get some answers:
Game won't recognize graphic card - Forums - Heroes of the Storm



I'm willing to give any information you need, (dxdiag for example) but i don't think you need it from me.

My only question is that does AMD know about this problem, and if the answers is yes, is there any ETA about a driver update that would help us out.


Sincerely, a lot of players with AMD cards playing HotS