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A rather curious issue

Question asked by railen on Jul 3, 2015

The nature of this problem means that this has easily expired any kind of warrenty my card may have had, problem is with this kind of issue is that.. its remained under my detection up until this point, simply because i havnt been pushing my card to the point that it actually becomes detectable until now.


So, the issue in question is FPS drops in Direct x 11 games, i've even had really weird issues with artifacting on direct x 10.2 which i have never been able to resolve

And for the longest of times have simply thought that my card was not directx 11 compatable.



So, the details.


My specs


cpu AMD FX-4100 3.6ghz quad core.

16 gb DDR3 ram, duel channel.

Motherboard - MSI 990XA-GD55 (MS-7640)

AMD Radeon HD 6670 (Saphire) 2gb DDR3.


After getting frustrated with constantly beating the minimum / recomended specs of games, and simply not bieng able to run them because reasons~ i do a fair bit a troubleshooting each time, as you can imagine, each time trying new things but never coming up with a solution


This includes redownloading drivers, directx, and reformating the entire computer, the drivers from AMD's main website, and directx11, from their own too.


The reformatting of the computer was never a troubleshooting thing, and was mostly a result of just a new operating system, or most recently, a new hard drive.


Today i finally discovered that the graphics card i have, is actually direct x11 compatable, not only that, the computers that i have seen that CAN run the games in question, are using Radeon's 5xxx series of cards! DDR2 ram aswell as a duel core 2.6ghz |:


naturally im incredibly confused, and disapointed that such an issue has persisted for so long, when i could have been enjoying much higher quality of gaming if the issue was more noticable, i could have taken advantage of the warenty, assuming i cant at this point anyway.


That bieng said, its possible the card simply cant run directx11 anyway, and that makes me wonder why was this card, advertised as bieng capable? not only that, it is STILL advertised as such.


So this confusion has caused alot of frustration, and im out of idea's for troubleshooting. i have virtually no issues whatsoever to suggest hardware malfunctions or faults, and havnt found anything that suggests i would have to "enable" directx11 (i only say that because i believe one random card requires it, it'd be dumb if its this card, because there just isnt any indicaters to suggest it)


I am aiming to eventually get a new much more up to date graphics card regardless, but it'd be ideal if i could find out the cause of this issue, not just to at least have the card in full functioning order to use again or to sell, but so that i know the issue wont persist after upgrading if it isnt the graphics card.