AMD Radeon HD8870M(AMD Enduro) Totally not working, BSOD when i install official AMD Drivers

Discussion created by ciao986 on Jul 2, 2015
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After Uninstalling all my drivers to update to the latest catalyst beta drivers everything stopped working: i removed EVERYTHING with DDU(Display Driver Uninstaller); i installed the latest Intel OEM Drivers, then, when i installed the latest AMD one, the Laptop went BSOD. I tried different configurations, i tried installing both the OEM Display Drivers from the Samsung own SW Update Application, but it didn't work, i tried to install them manually by saving the relative installation files, but the AMD Driver installation caused a BSOD during the driver install, and after a reboot the GPU wasn't recognized completely. i tried to install the OEM Intel Driver and then "Catalyst Omega 14.12" that i had previously downloaded from the AMD website, but it couldn't install the drivers reporting an error, i don't know what to do, is there anything that i need to install before the AMD Drivers to fix the BSODs and let the system detect the GPU correctly?(when i install the latest catalyst BETA Drivers the system recognizes the GPU as "AMD Radeon M200X Series", and not as "AMD Radeon R9 M270X" like it does in a normal situation).

These are the Laptop Specs:

Intel Core i7 3635QM Quad Core@2.4-3.4Ghz

8GB RAM 1600Mhz

Intel HD Graphics 4000 + AMD Radeon HD8870M(AMD Enduro)

500GB SSD Samsung 840 Evo

Windows 8.1 Professional Update 1(it is not the OEM install: i installed it from an USB key containing the original installation media files of my own copy of Windows 8, then i updated it to 8.1)

15.6" Full HD Multitouch Display

The PC Name is "Samsung Ativ Book 8"


Actually only the Intel Integrated GPU is working.