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HD 6550 amd

Question asked by markeydsl on Jul 2, 2015

today I saw an update from on the microsoft update for my AMD driver, so I excepted it.  after that point the video card stopped producing in HD and changed the software to reflect 5000 unit,  and defaulted to 16?? X 960 or something like that with no options to change it to HD,  I tried to uninstall and then reinstall and it then refused to recognize the video card.  so with all that in mind I figured that I could have possibly had other issues with my computer since it had been acting up,  so I backed up all my files and settings and decided to use Recovery and get that out of the box feel again, all went well except I was still having the same issue with my AMD video card. 

sorry I cannot get at my setting right now, but the computer is a

HP pavillion dv7, windows 7 premium,  quad 4, 8 gigs ram, with switchable graphics (intel on battery, AMD while plugged in), an Intel processor etc.


if someone might have any idea why the HD format stopped working and has a solution or suggustion I would greatly appriciate it.


thank you very much