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    problems with AMD Radeon HD 7730M Drivers


      My actual drivers are from 2012. Clearly not up to date, I was trying to install the latest driver to use, and suddently everything changed. My Resolution went from 1920x1080 to 800x600, my windows collor scheme changed to basic and every video from youtube started sttutering when fullscreen. It asked to restart the computer so i thoguht it would fix after all... It didn't, everything was slow enough, the only resolution I found was to restore point to earlier that day.

      Even Raptr didn't found my Radeon, it was like I've lost the chipset.

      What can I do to upgrade my driver without leaving my notebook crazy?

      Btw I have a Dell Inspiron 15r se, AMD Radeon HD 7730M, 8gb internal mmry, Using Windows 7 professional 64b, Intel Graphics 4000 (internal Video card)