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    Fury X - High pitched whine


      Having recently obtained a Fury X, I was very disappointed to find the card suffered for a very noticeable high pitched whine sound emanating from the card.


      While the card is not incredibly loud in decibels, it is on the other hand at a very high & penetrating frequency - it's also constant regardless of GPU load.


      I completely understand that new cards are prone to errors, but if I'm to risk purchasing another then I'd like to know that this error has been acknowledged & confirmed to retailers that this is worthy of an RMA, also that the line impacted will be recalled/fixed so we can order without expecting this same issue.


      Due to how many people are impacted with this, it's giving me cause to hold fire on obtaining a replacement - or a second and third card as previously planned. If the above was confirmed it would give your customers peace of mind.



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          I've heard about this - Hardware Canucks originally mentioned it to AMD (apparently they got their sample really early).

          AMD did say they were working on a fix for it, I'd say you'll have to contact them and see if they've got a solution yet... at least then it would give you clarification if they've fixed the issue.


          The sound you mentioned apparently eminates from the Radiator, I havent received mine yet, they're SUPER limited in Australian supply. GL mate, hopefully you'll get a good response from them