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searching for GPU datasheet

Question asked by jaca on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by jaca

Hello! I am currently working on a game console, and I want to use a Radeon 9000 GPU that I managed to salvage. I have the chip, now all I need is a datasheet to go along with it. I contacted AMD, and they pointed me here and told me I should be able to get it here. So, can anybody help me? I'm not able to sign an NDA or anything because I don't work for a company, and I'm too young. I'll only use the information for my own use. I am also not planning on selling my console, it is only for training purposes. This chip is my only chance, because the Intel GPU/NB combo isn't what I'm looking for, and S3 keeps ignoring me about their Savage MX. The model of the GPU I have is M9-CSP32. Whoever can help me is a real life saver. Also, is the "datashee" tag a typo, or was that on purpose?