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    RCA RLED 4250A TV




      I am stumped trying fix an issue connecting my Sapphire Radeon 7750 low profile graphics card using the DVI port and a DVI to HDMI cable to a 42" RCA RLED 4250A LED TV. The issue is that I can't install any version of the Windows 7 x64 graphics driver beyond 14.1, or the picture turns fuzzy. I can plug in the card using a DVI-->VGA cable and retain the sharp(ish) picture using a higher numbered catalyst driver than 14.1, but then I lose the ability to play blurays (the Corel bluray software complains you can't play blurays using an 'analog' connection). I've tried making a few adjustments to the 'clock' and 'phase' adjustments on the TV's settings, but so far no luck. My efforts are further hampered by the fact that the settings for 'clock' and 'phase' aren't available while I have the DVI-->HDMI cable connected, and only appear if I connect to the TV using the DVI-->VGA connector! This means I have to plug in the DVI-->VGA cable, try a different 'clock' or 'phase' setting, then swap back to the DVI-->HDMI cable and check to see if there's improvement. So far, there hasn't been any.

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          I just check the Beta driver and there is no release notes on them fixing this. But they have already fix problems with BATMAN what a joke.


          It has been like this for almost a year too. You can go to Nvidia but they are just as bad. It will do no good to report this either.


          My boyfriend and I have report this once a month. I think it has a lot to do with the CCC. If I run 14.1 or 14.4 all have to do install the driver.


          I don't have to make any adjustments at all with those drivers. Install and on my way. Now we are stuck on those drivers for the rest of our lives.