Fury x vibration - not coil whine or pump noise.

Discussion created by kataaro on Jul 1, 2015
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Hi guys, I received my 2 XFX Fury x's yesterday and I have noticed something that worries me but I wanted to ask here..


Basically I get the noted coil whine and pump noise, which is fine, I am used to that so it's not a problem.


The issue is that when I load up a game or anything that puts a little pressure on the GPU's, I get a strange vibrating/grinding type sound from the GPU itself. This is not from the fans/radiator or anything else in my system. Also the cards are installed as required in the manual with the rads the right way up and above the GPU's. Also, when I move my mouse around in the game, the pitch of the grinding sound changes?!! It isn't quiet either, its fairly loud and very hard to ignore. When not in a game environment or just using the system in windows, the noise isnt there..


I have uploaded a video of the sound, try the below link without the spaces :



For those wanting to skip to the actual sound, it starts at about 01:00 minute into the video. I just wanted to ask if anyone else here has this, as both of my cards are doing it.. and wether I should send them back.? Cheers for any help guys..


- Mo