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    MSI R9 390X Blackscreen at stress


      Today i bought me new r9 390x from MSI.


      At home i uninstall the old AMD graphic drivers as they tell here: How-To Uninstall AMD Catalyst Drivers From A Windows Based System

      After that i deleted all drivers that were left in Divice manager and removed all hidden folders from my harddisk.

      Than i removed my old graphic card and installed the new r9 390x intro my computer.

      Installed the new AMD Catalyst Display Driver version 15.15.1004 from the AMD download page.

      My pc was runing smooth on idle, but when I started to play a game or Furmark, I had black screens after 10 to 15 minutes.

      searched some on google and found a program DDU. deleted all drivers again with this program and reinstalled the AMD graphic drivers.

      and I still have the same problems.


      someone has an idea what the problem could be?


      Pc Specs:

      Motherboard: asrock fatal1ty 990fx killer

      CPU: AMD FX-8350 4.0 Ghz

      Memory: G.Skill 16 GB DDR3-1600 Quad-Kit

      power supply: Aerocool Strike-X EN53754, 800W


      (sorry for bad english)




      Update 1:

      it is she same issue as in this video: AMD R9 290X Black screen crash - YouTube

      But mine graphic card is a MSI R9 390x (not 290x).

      Also i increased the fan speed to 100% with a max temperuture of 65 degreeds, but still i get the blackscreens.

      So it can not be the temperature.

      The power supply must be more than enough.





      Update 2:

      reinstalled clean windows and still got the same issue.

      The problem will be occur in the drivers as in've read in other topics.

      Changing back to my 280x untill this issue have been fixed.



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          When the screen goes black, do you still hear the in-game sound? If so, if you press Ctrl + Alt + Del does the windows option for the task manager eventually appear? If you can do all of that, then most likely it is a driver related issue. Some applications will crash and return to windows desktop.


          If the screen goes black and you hear the sound but the display never comes back then it is a hardware issue. That is a sign of faulty VRAM. The video card in the video you linked was definitely faulty with bad VRAM.

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              Thanks for your comment.


              It is the screen goes black and hear buzzing sound and the display never comes back.

              I have to turn my pc off with the power button. because it is not responding on anything else.

              and what can I do? return to the store where i bought it from? or under-clock the VRam?

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                  The issue in the video you provided was a known problem with VRAM in some of the early batches of video memory provided for the R9 290 / 290x. The computer would still play the audio and would respond to input from the mouse and keyboard but you would just not be able to see anything happening on the screen.


                  You mentioned hearing a buzzing sound when the display goes black. Is the buzzing sound from the PC itself or is from the speakers?

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                      The buzzing sound is coming from the speakers.

                      My computer is completely jammed when this happend.

                      And I never had this problem with my 280x.


                      Updated to the new AMD Driver version 15.7 but still no result.

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                          How did you install the 15.7 drivers? I have always found that installing beta drivers require a clean uninstall/install.

                          Do you have Overdrive (in CCC) enabled and your Power control set at +50?



                          To perform a 'clean install' of AMD graphics drivers:


                          Note: To be on the safe side, create a system restore point before doing any  of this.

                          1. IMPORTANT: All Windows Updates should be current, including the 'optional/suggested' updates (except for graphics drivers)
                          2. IMPORTANT: Disable all anti-virus/ad blockers/anti-malware/ anti-anything before trying to install
                          3. IMPORTANT: Netframework is required and must be the latest version. (from Windows Update)


                          Download the drivers for your computer to the desktop. Follow steps 1-5 ( http://support.amd.com/en-us/download ).

                          Do not use 'auto-detect and install.


                          Delete existing drivers from your computer:

                          In Computer control panel select 'uninstall a program'

                          FOR COMPUTERS WITH INTEL PROCESSORS:

                          Select AMD install manager and choose 'Express uninstall all AMD software'
                          Including the install manager.


                          FOR COMPUTERS WITH AMD PROCESSORS:

                          Select AMD install manager and 'Custom uninstall' the graphics drivers and CCC only.


                          Reboot into 'safe mode'

                          In safe mode run  the DDU uninstaller



                          Install the new driver suite.

                          Note: If you do not want raptr/Gaming Evolved installed, choose 'custom' install and uncheck the gaming evolved box.

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                              I have installed everything from a fresh windows.

                              The 15.7 drivers are for 200 series and 300 series.

                              so i should be able to use my 280x and 390x without reinstalling the drivers.

                              but still my 390x give blackscreens.

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                                  "so i should be able to use my 280x and 390x without reinstalling the drivers." Not exactly so. You are now saying this is a fresh install of Windows....that's a red flag for me. Most issues come from people not installing the 'optional' and suggested updates, thinking that the 'critical' updates are all that is necessary. To give you an example....netframework is NOT a critical update. It's a optional update. A current Netframework is required for AMD CCC to work correctly. Don't fight the system. Install the optional updates from Windows Update and follow the clean installation advice I gave you above.

                                  I asked if you had Overdrive enabled and power set at +50...no answer from you? This is especially important in a "stress" scenario. I'm trying to help you...work with me.



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                                      So today i reinstalling the drivers as you explained to me in the above post.

                                      Turned my AMD OverDrive on with 50% power limit.

                                      And i still get these annoying black screens on furmark and any game i play.

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                                          Reinstalled windows fully over again.

                                          Did al windows updates before installing the AMD drivers.

                                          With AMD overdrive on and 50% power limit.

                                          Have been playing a few games for a couple hours without any black screen or any problem.

                                          But later on the day.... the trouble started again. Every 10 to 15 minutes i get this annoying black screens with sound loops over again.

                                          So I'm going to change the video card for another one.

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                            Hello i have the exact same problem, the diference is that im not stressing it, im just trying to play.


                            fan at 100% and after a while the game goes black. sometimes crashes that i cant comeback but almost everytime i can after a while press ctrl + alt + del and go back again to the game with no issues for a while.


                            in some game when it starts to go under the 65º its when they start to give problems. but dosnt go more than 65º ne


                            Everytime graphics drivers release, i do clean install to see if issue is resolved but till now nothing.


                            i have almost full amd setup an saber 990FX + FX 9590 + MSI 390X +16Gb ddr3 1600


                            What could be the problem ? before that i had an 270x and it worked so well

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                              This sounds like the issue I'm having. I get a system lock up, black screen and sound buzz/loop that requires a long hold of the power button to get out of. Upon reboot Win10 won't boot and I get stuck on a black screen before you log in. Playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was the only time it ever happened until the last fresh Win10 install (only way I could fix it) when it went black before I could even install the AMD drivers.


                              I replaced the CPU, RAM and mobo in the hope of fixing it, but no luck. The last thing I expected was it to be my GPU, given everything else in my system was older than it.


                              Still no idea how to fix it, I've got a brand new system I can't use and a GPU that is less than two years old but out of warranty. Not very happy.

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                                  This was a problem due to a bad batch of VRAM. It wasn't really AMD's faulty since it was actually a problem with the VRAM manufacturer. The solution is to RMA the card. In some cases there was also a BIOS update that fixes the problem but you would have to obtain it from techpowerup's gpu database or the AIB partner who made the card (i.e. Sapphire, Powercolor, XFX, MSI, etc.).

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                                      I've tried the vBIOS update, no luck. Currently battling with Amazon but they're resisting as they keep saying "it's passed the 30 day return window". They finally relented and offered me a low ball return value which doesn't make sense to me so I've gone back and said I'd just like a replacement.



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                                      Warranty is normally 2 years, why is yours different.

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                                          Amazon really are playing hard ball. They fobbed me off to Sapphire, who then hand balled me back to Amazon. Amazon then said they'll give me a "once off" offer to RMA the card but the estimated return value is less than I bought it for (yet declared it on the customs form for over double that). I've asked for a replacement instead as I'm not happy with their offer and I'm waiting for a reply. I think I might have to try the ACCC which I was hoping not to have to do. I just want to get my new system up and running again. This is so frustrating.