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Radeon R9 290X 4GB card-Problem after switching to HDMI from DVI

Question asked by zaks987 on Jul 1, 2015

Hi guys, So I switched from (dvi to dvi) to (hdmi to hdmi) because I needed sound to come out from my monitor speakers and apparently , I read somewhere that in order for sound to come from the monitor, I will have to change from dvi to hdmi. I have the Samsung Syncmaster 2494HS. Anyways, after switching from dvi to hdmi the desktop appeared smaller than before, so I used the AMD Catalyst Control Centre to use the Scaling function to make the desktop fit the screen. Now the desktop is not as clear as when I was using dvi to dvi. The picture quality on screen seem distorted- like when you reading a document or on the web or even you will notice in tabs that the writing is light and dark - dark and light continuing in this matter. Is there any way for it to become perfectly clear as it was before? Any help in this matter will be appreciated. Thanks.