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AMD Firepro 5100 with quad-display + Eyeinfinity

Question asked by hulakki on Jul 1, 2015

Hey, were running this setup:


HP Z440 with 700w PSU, Firepro 5100 4Gb.


We got HP ZDisplay -series monitor with 3x UX80 projectors (smartboard system, 885ix). We have displayport-to-HDMI cables on use. The problem itself is weird.


All 4 displays working fine with the setup, when theyre at their own resolutions (zdisplay@1080, 3x UX80@1280x800) and they are as extended displays. Everything working fine.

Now when im going with the Eyeinfinity setup and set up either of these 2, 3 or 4 of the displays (with zdisplay @1280x800 also), the system goes through the Eyeinfinity configuration but

then suddenly blacks out everything and crashes computer, I have to work it back up with power reset.


When i try with the 3x UX80, the problem is "looping audio" and a display driver "refreshing" constantly, which makes the setup unusable. How could i fix this to be working as intended? All im missing now,

is one huge desktop (with all of these 4 displays or rather only with these 3 projectors).


Im running with windows 8.1 PRO, 64bit with 32Gt memory. Drivernumber for AMD is 14.301.1014-141128a-178157C-HP. Should i try to roll back older version or what?


Thanks in forehand.


br, J