50% off some FirePro cards

Discussion created by jtrudeau on Jun 30, 2015

Trust me, we don't do a lot of product pushing here, in fact none. This is a "Hey maybe I can save you money" post.


I got the AMD FirePro newsletter today, and it contains a 50% Off offer. I'd hate you to miss the opportunity if you're in the market.


"Take advantage of this special offer from AMD. If you are currently considering a workstation upgrade or just swapping out your old graphics card for a new professional-grade card, then you may be eligible for up to a 50% discount on your first AMD workstation card purchase. Apply for the discount before making the purchase."


Details are here: AMD FirePro™

There are several tabs on the page, including terms and conditions. So read, follow directions, you know the drill.


Hope I can save someone a few bucks.