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Two sad OSes, and a sad CPU

Question asked by hugosl on Jun 30, 2015


IBM abandoned OS/2, and only a clone, Ecomstation, exists. ARM, or Advanced RISC Machines, originally was Acorn RISC Machines, a British computer company. They made a great computer, the RISC PC, with an ARM RISC CPU, and RISCOS, embedded on Flash ROM, on the main board, so the computer is crash immune. It also had built-in hardware, and upgradeability, in the form of "Podules." Unfortunately, ARM abandoned the RISCPC, and RISCOS, is also an orphan, similar to OS/2. Finally, Zilog is a chip company, that was in many early computers, such as the British Sinclair, and Amstrad, the Japanese MSX, and the US Commodore, but Zilog is now forgotten. It's sad technology companies, mostly care only about profits, and not helping computing. The links are above. Thank you, for reading this message.