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    delete profile


      How can I delete my profile>?

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          This is a good question! I created an FAQ to answer it in the future, for other users. How do I delete my profile?


          However, to answer your question...


          There is no way for you to entirely delete your profile. An admin can do that for you.


          We can do this one of two ways.

          1: Inactivate your profile

          Your profile and the content you created continues to exist. Only an admin can see your profile, it is completely invisible to the rest of the community. The items you posted in the forums remain for others to see.


          2: Delete your profile

          All of your account information is removed, including your profile. This removes everything you have ever done from the forums - all your content will be deleted. If you created a topic and other people answered, all that content will disappear forever. There is no undo.


          You can PM me if you wish, or just reply, and we'll take care of this however you want.

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            Your answers are very useful