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    FFXIV Heavensward dx11 crashes with r9 300 series drivers 15.15 and 15.20.0


      Confirmed driver issue with FFXIV Heavensward dx11 client on drivers 15.15 and 15.200. Game hangs due to the driver not responding and recovers causing the game to stop working and close. dx9 client works fine. Tested on 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 with maximum graphics settings. Issue also occurs on lower graphics settings. Crash occurs regardless of HBAO+ enabled or not. Crash occurs with vsync on or off.


      This was tested with a brand new MSI R9 390X. Card was also swapped with a 2nd one to rule out hardware issues. Upon removing the drivers and the 390x, reverting to the previous system with powercolor 290x and omega drivers (14.12) the game runs flawlessly.


      Duplicated on 2 different systems running Win7 64bit


      Test system 1:

      cpu: i7-4770k

      chipset: Z87

      RAM: 16gb 1600mhz

      PSU: 850W


      Test system 2:

      cpu FX-8350

      chipset: AM3+

      RAM 16gb 1866mhz

      PSU: 850W


      Compared against older r9 290x with omega drivers as well as an nvidia GTX 970. Only the 390x with the R9 300 series drivers is exhibiting this issue where the game hangs with black screen and eventually forcing windows to close the game client and recover to desktop.


      This is a pretty serious issue as this game recently launched alongside the 300 series and the 380 / 390 cards should be an excellent choice for this type of game for 1080p/1440p; assuming driver reliability.


      The game is an expansion to the 2013 MMO release which already has 4 million subscribed accounts as of May 2015. The DX11 game client is a much anticipated feature which will help drive sales of new graphics cards since several existing players as well as new ones interested in the game will be looking at upgrading graphics cards in the $200-400 price range.


      The issue is also very easy to reproduce using the freely available FFXIV Heavensward Benchmark utility. Looping it in DX11 mode will eventually cause the crash.