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Crashes and stuttering with FirePro M8900 and OpenCL & Adobe CC

Question asked by tfleonard on Jun 29, 2015

I've been trying to get my Dell Precision M6600 laptop with Firepro M8900 to work well with openCL applications, mainly Adboe CC Premiere Pro, and Media Encoder.  Dell's factory installed driver worked OK in general Windows 7 use, but did not support OpenCL (for whatever reason).  I upgraded my AMD driver to "14.301.1019-WHQL-FirePro-WindowsX32X64-Dell-Mobile" from the AMD website and gained the OpenCL support but at the expense of stuttering in regular windows use.  What I mean is that there seems to be a lag when I move windows around and general redrawing.  The Adobe CC apps now show that I have OpenCL support but Adobe Media Encoder fails to get through a rendering without crashing.  Rendering without OpenCL works normally.


I dug up CompuBench's OpenCL benchmark and ran it to compare my results to their results with a Firepro M8900 and the results were not even close.  Therefore I have to assume I've got some sort of driver problem in general and not just with Adobe apps.


Can anyone help me resolve this issue?


Are there any programs that can verify that my OpenCL capability works like designed?


Can anyone recommend a driver that works in that situation?