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    Diablo 3 Crashing problem


      Hi, I having problems with my graphic card. I'm using HP Pavilion G6-1290et laptop when I try to play Diablo 3 with AMD Radeon 7400m graphic card I getting crashes(while walking around, doing rift/grifts or teleporting somewhere on the map) but I do not have any problem/crashes If I change to build-in Intel graphic card, playing low resolution... I did some research to resolve the problem, and I did several actions to resolve the problem, tried old drivers/manufacturer driver on HP/latest driver but still have annoying problem... Now my system drivers and applications all up to date still can't play with  but I do not have problems in the other games. I do not think that the problems in the game because I do not have problems with other video card(Desktop have.Nvidia GTX550 Ti graphic card and do not have problem). Additional information about my system available in the attached documents.


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          Hi, I try this, help a bit by settings to low but won't solve.


          AMD Catalyst Control Center
          This help best
          1. Go to Power tab, under PowerPlay. Switchable Graphics Global Settings, Untick "Allow additional power-savings".
          Additional you can do.
          2. Go to Gaming. Under 3D Application Settings(High Performance Graphics). I'm assuming your game should have high requirements.
          Main idea is to change as low as possible

          Anti-Aliasing Mode: Override application settings
          Anti-Aliasing Samples: None

          Texture Filtering
          Anisotropic Filtering Mode: Override application settings
          Anisotropic Filtering Level: 2x

          Frame Rate Control
          Wait for Vertical Refresh: On, unless application specifies

          Tesselation Mode: Override application settings
          Maximum Tesselation Level: 2x