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Some strange questions

Question asked by hugosl on Jun 29, 2015

I posted of Yahoo! Answers, Richard Stallman, and Linus Torvalds, two atheists, made GNU/Linux, and someone told me the f-word. Why!? Also, I don't know what ZDNet claims to be a force of freedom, but supports "The Post PC Era," where corporations will replace home computers, will dumbed-down devices. You cannot upgrade the devices, and the companies, control your hardware, software, and information, making you a corporate slave. It's strange ZDNet also worships the totalitarian video game console conglomerates, which consoles, already are the previously mentioned dumbed-down devices. Video game fanatics, want computing dead, and I wonder if they love being corporate slaves. In any case, I doubt they care for human suffering, and only care for the next game console, and the next video games. Selfish! I am wrong about this?! Does computing need saving? I hope so! I wish AMD will stop supporting thin clients, and try to save computing. Sorry for the long rant. Unfortunately, the thin client, is a dumbed-down device, therefore, is anti-computing. I will love embedded technologies, for home computers, but unfortunately, they are not available for the public. Thank you.