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    Amd fx 6300 logical core/ physic core


      Hi all,


      I have some problem with my new amd processor: AMD fx 6300 black edition 6 core.


      I see no warning about the fact that this processor got only 3 core avaiable. Is something like 3 phisical cores and 3 logical cores or something like that. I thinked really that was all 6 true cores. For play the game "Tera online", I bought this cpu but it took to me more than 1 month to understand that not all the games support this kind of technologiy and discover that fx is using that. I am feeling very sad. I would like to have an update for have all cores avaiable, or I cant play very good :<


      And I think that AMD must give more info about processor, there isnt any specific about that on the box -.-


      ps: sorry for bad english >.<

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          All current model AMD CPUs use a dual-core module to build multi-core model CPUs. An FX-6300 has (3) dual cores thus it has 3 x 2 = (6) real cores. All cores are available for use unless your mobo has disabled some cores in the BIOS. How any CPU performs is based in part on the operating system and the software being run. There may be specific settings that improve the performance of game play - depending on the game, O/S, etc. Many games are written for optimal performance on quad core CPUs. The game makers need to recompile their software for use with 6-8 core CPUs for best performance for all users.