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    R9 290 - Non primary monitors don't disable when gaming


      Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me.


      I hope someone can help me. I have a triple monitor setup using an XFX R9 290 card, Windows 7 64-bit and latest catalyst drivers (14.12 Omega) and this is a fresh install. The center monitor is my primary monitor and I have an extended desktop setup (not an eyefinity group).


      Whenever I start a game (any game) the game launches fullscreen in the center monitor but the two side monitors (after going black briefly) still show my desktop and any other applictions running. The games are running in fullscreen mode (not windowed-mode or borderless window). Sometimes I can even see my mouse pointer on the side screens. It is distracting and I suspect there is also an fps impact.


      My previous setup was with two 6970 cards in crossfire and my pc did not exibit this behaviour. Upon launching a game the sidescreens went black, if I alt-tabbed backed to desktop they resumed, if I alt-tabbed back to game they disabled again.


      Is this some setting I can correct or is it some other issue?