2 monitors and 2 amd cards crashes in windows 7

Discussion created by cac777 on Jun 28, 2015

In my windows 7 64bit computer, I have a HD6700 (main display) and a HD3200 (on board) each plugged into a monitor.  To initially turn on the second monitor I enabled "screenview" in my bios to enable the onboard 3200.  When windows booted up, it discovered it, but then during the auto-discovery windows bsod'd and then rebooted.  On return, the second monitor is unrecognized and I don't see the hd3200 in the windows device manager or in the catalyst tool (only the hd6700).


I've tried removing the catalyst software and reinstall, but during both removal and re-installation, windows will crash to a bsod and hard reboot immediately.  Any one know if this should work or not and what the problem may be?


(btw, this setup works perfectly on linux)