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    Amd A6-6310


      I recently bought this pc with this cpu. As I had been informed you can overclock to 2.4 Ghz from 1.8. I didnt know how to do this , so I searched the web , after downloading some apps I found out it is a 16h cpu (dont know what that means). Anyway does anyone know how to overclock my cpu

      Thanks for your time

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          Theodo, I have an Acer Aspire laptop with this same CPU/APU in it and I was looking for an avenue to voice concerns I have about the overclocking as well.  With my Acer laptop, the BIOS offers no option for overclocking.  I've concluded from what I've found so far that the technology for it to be overclocked is built into the AMD Turbo feature which automatically determines/regulates the clock speed/overclocking feature.  In other words, there is no control for me to use to do anything with this feature.  I may be completely wrong about all of what I'm writing but on my laptop, this Turbo to 2.4GHz is already enabled, I assume throgh some software which is installed in the preload that I don't know about or it's built-in to the AMD's APU architecture and is not changeable by the user.  At any rate, I do not consider mine is working correctly.  The processor cycles down, not up, when tasks are performed--so it is not running in any Turbo mode.  If I do nothing, it turbos to 2.4Ghz!  Every time I do anything, however, the APU slows up instead of Turbo being enabled.  It never run's at 1.8Ghz, it's always slower if I'm doing more than 1 task.  And if I do multiple tasks, it falls to under 1GHz (all 4 cores).  I don't get it.  I've never seen anything like this.  I've spoken to Acer, they said it was a power setting adjustment that was needed (to High Performance) mode.  Ofcourse that decreases battery life and it still didn't do anything to help.  If this Turbo feature can be controlled thru software, I need to shut off it's auto feature cause it's doing the opposite of what "Turbo" should do.  AMD!!! If there is a way to overclock it so that it actually runs at 2.4GHz when it should, I'd like to know how to do this as well.  And if it is software based (perhaps something in my preload); is doing a clean Windows 10 install a solution?  I ultimately need the same help as YOU.  AMD where you at???


          Did some more searching.  It appears this A6 6310 APU is designed to run at Turbo Core 2.4GHz if an application uses just 1 CPU thread. Beyond that, the APU gets hotter and to compensate the APU decelerates (goes slower) to reduce heat emission.  So in essence, it appears from this info I found, its a design of the APU-Turbo Core feature AMD uses.  This isn't the same thing as overclocking.  Hope some of this helps. I mean, it doesn't help me get a better performing laptop but at least I got an idea of why it works as it does (I hope).  I did contact Acer Support again and the tech more or less confirmed this info.