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    Performance doubt in current games


      Hello, 2 months ago and recently purchased a graphics technology with AMD GCN an r9 280 3GB Dual-X OC.

      Well, I'm fine watching the requirements of the latest games almost all minimum requirements ask an HD 7950 or HD 7970.

      The R9 280 3GB Dual-X OC is synonymous with HD 7950 ?, and then I bought a plot of the new two months ago and new games should run on minimum settings?

      I lasted only a few months the graph?



      I feel a bit frustrated, I thought that the new graphics buy would last me about or over about 2 years, but I see new games ask of minimum requirements one HD7950 / 7970, or my R9 280 is equal and I run the new games the minimum?


      Please, healp me