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Blue screen of death after buying new card

Question asked by feodosij on Jun 27, 2015

1.PNG2.PNG3.PNG4.PNG5.PNG6.PNGHi, i recently bought brand new Asus R7 260 x 2 GB GDDR5 OC card. AFter few days of using it  my PC started to freezes when playing games and even when it is idle. I used program called blue screen viewer and it showed its notskrnl.exe causing the crash as shown in images below. I tried everythng, testing RAM, HDD,(everything was wtihout errors) reinstalling windows, but my PC still freezes randomly, sometimes when playing games, sometimes when browsing internet and sometimes on idle.  My other specs are: Intel core 2 quad Q9400 2,66GHz, 4 GB RAM ddr2, PSU is coller master 500W.  This BSOD frustrates me really, i just wanna enyoj my graphic card.